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When you want to present your company in a unique way, a promotional CD-ROM could be the answer. At Dynamic Digital Advertising, we can create a professional CD-ROM display to promote your goods or services for distribution to potential and current customers alike. Instead of waiting for potential clients to stumble upon your website, DDA can create a web-like interface for a promotional CD-ROM that can drive traffic to your website or present your product or service right on their desks. Promotional CD-ROMs can make it easy for the viewer to find all they need and much more.

CD-ROM technology can hold a wide breadth of multimedia, from digital video clips and digital photography to virtual reality and full product-line catalogs. Considering the vast amount of information that can be stored and accessed on a single disc, the capabilities for a promotional CD-ROM are varied and exciting. Incorporating different multimedia can give it style, but functionality and usability are always at the forefront of DDA’s focus.

With a well-designed, easy to use CD-ROM your company can reach potential clients like never before. Serving as a gateway to your company’s services and products, a professionally produced CD-ROM from Dynamic Digital Advertising can work as a marketing augmentation. With the right tools, your company can succeed in the 21st century of marketing and Dynamic Digital Advertising can help.

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Promotional CD-ROM Design by Dynamic Digital Advertising


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Promotional Interactive CD-ROM Design for Warner Brothers

Malmark cd Promotional CD-ROM Developed for Loreal
Promotional CD-ROM Design for Hot Topic Promotional CD-ROM Created for Haas TCM Promotional DVD-ROM Design for Flourish
Promotional Interactive CD-ROM Design for DDA 2003 Promotional  CD-ROM with 3D Animation Designed for DDA (2002) Promotional CD-ROM Design for DDA's Christmas Card

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