Interactive CD-ROMs can hold a variety of media and a massive amount of information. For example, 250,000 pages of text will fit on a single CD. Consider the possibilities: products, video clips, virtual video or 3D tours of buildings can all be integrated on a CD-ROM with a leading edge interface that puts the viewer in control. CD-ROMs from DDA can be pressed into a business card size disc or into the shape of a corporate logo that will play on standard desktop CD-ROM drives.

Interactive CD-ROMs are fast becoming the new proactive marketing tool of the new millennium. When first introduced in the mid 1990s, the CD-ROM drive and the content developed for it seemed to be limited to high-end game development, content developers (i.e. encyclopedias and stock images for rent or purchase) and software delivery.

Then interactive advertising and presentation started to develop, but had limited success early on because of the cost of development and the small number of service providers. Just when it seemed that CD-ROM development might go mass-market (1997-1998) another phenomenon seemed to supplant the fledgling CD-ROM industry. The Internet became the media delivery mechanism of choice. Despite its severe bandwidth limitations, the ubiquitous nature and extreme growth of the Internet overwhelmed the advertising market for CD-ROMs.

Dynamic Digital Advertising has long been a developer of interactive CD-ROMs. DDA utilizes high-end software and a broad combination of digital skills to produce a very compelling CD-ROM experience. 3D environments, full motion animation and fast delivery of video or photographic images are some of the rich media content that benefit from CD-ROM delivery capability.

Combine the CD-ROM's media rich delivery capability with Internet website interfacing and you have an ability to deliver an advertising experience unlike any other.

Designed and developed correctly, online databases and up-to-the-minute web-delivered special offers work hand-in-hand with interactive CD-ROM's content delivery speed and bandwidth. Finally, you can offer the viewer the best of both worlds.

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